Angry Biden Threatens News Reporter: ‘I Can Take You’

(Republican Senate News) – President Joe Biden is clearly starting to feel the pressure from his failing presidential campaign, which is utterly hilarious because folks who used to be lifelong Democrats are waking up to just how awful leftists policies are and how unfit Biden is for the presidency. They are finally acknowledging that former President Donald Trump’s platform is pretty good and the right path to get us on track. I find that comical due to Trump’s recent felony conviction in the sham “hush money” trial, which was nothing more than an attempt to weaponize the justice system to silence Biden’s political opposition.

It’s backfiring big-time, making Trump even more popular than he was before. You could see the frustration growing in the president during a recent interview where he told a reporter, “I can take you.” I mean, that’s sort of a threat of physical violence, right? Imagine what kind of response such a statement would get if it had been spoken by Trump?

Allison Anton of The Western Journal writes, “Between the pro-Palestinian movements depriving Sleepy Joe of the much-needed young adult voter base, the guilty verdict for Donald Trump’s ‘hush money’ trial severely backfiring on the Democrats, and inflation robbing Biden of the rest of his base, suffice to say that 2024 has not gone as planned. In attempting to shore up some support while concealing Biden’s obvious senility, the Biden campaign has had to make a tough choice.”

“An interview with Time magazine, conducted May 28 by Time Washington Bureau Chief Massimo Calabresi and Editor-in-Chief Sam Jacobs, seemed to indicate an attempt to split the difference, having Biden sit down for a candid interview with a friendly outlet,” Anton continued. “Although, based on the transcript and the fact-check Time itself released, it won’t do much for Biden’s image. Because, if appearing to threaten an interviewer wouldn’t reinforce his image as a cranky old man, nothing else would.”

Biden once again showcased that he is not at all fit to discharge the duties of the presidency by losing his train of thought, mumbling and bumbling over his words, and, strangely, interrupting himself. Yes, you can actually do that. Biden proved it’s possible.

Anton divulged that the interview transcript included parentheticals to point out that some of what Biden said was “unintelligible” on three different occasions, with the Time’s fact check saying he once again repeated the lie that “Wage increases have exceeded…the cost of inflation,” when the reality is, inflation has clearly outpaced wage growth for the vast majority of Americans.

“Bryan Metzger, a politics reporter for Business Insider, likewise noted that, for whatever reason, Biden seemed to have a giant chip on his shoulder with the Time journalists throughout the whole interview — though it might have been a chip on his shoulder with the media in general. (Astonishingly, Biden apparently believes the sycophantic media coverage he’s received isn’t sycophantic enough.),” Anton penned in her piece.

When Biden bragged about how he supposedly strengthened NATO, he remarked, “everybody thought, including you guys, that I was crazy.”

Well, I mean, if the shoe fits… and, wow, would you look at that? It does!

Things took a weird turn when Biden started blabbing about his age.

“Large majorities of Americans, including in the Democratic Party, tell pollsters they think you are too old to lead,” Biden was then asked. “Could you really do this job as an 85-year old man?”

Biden, offended by such a statement that questioned his leadership abilities as someone who has been alive across EIGHT DECADES, answered by saying, “I can do it better than anybody you know. You’re looking at me, I can take you, too.”

Uh, say what now? Did he just challenge the reporter to engage in fisticuffs? Really?

“It’s a certainty that no one from Time magazine was looking to insult the testy, thin-skinned octogenarian. The question merely expressed the concerns on the minds of many a voter this election cycle,” Anton stated in the article.

We’ve all seen the videos of him bumbling around, falling off his bike, falling on stage, tripping over his own shoes, toddling along as he’s guided by his wife or Secret Service detail. Biden couldn’t win a fight with his reflection in the bathroom mirror, let alone a young, healthy male reporter. Give me a break.

This sums Biden up nicely:

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