Capitol Police Weaponized In New Campaign Strategy Against Trump

(Republican Senate News) – President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign seems to be growing more and more desperate with every passing day, as his poll numbers continue to swim at the bottom of the proverbial lake. This has prompted them to try and defeat former President Donald Trump in November’s election by trotting out three former and current members of the Capitol Police Department who were at the Capitol building during the incursion on Jan. 6, 2021.

The officers in question, as per Randy DeSoto of The Western Journal, will travel to major swing states with the campaign in an effort to try and get voters not to cast their ballots for Trump. I guess these dolts want us to totally ignore the absolute economic mayhem that’s been wrought on our nation as a result of Biden’s policies, the mess unfolding on the geopolitical stage, and buy their false narratives of Trump being the second coming of Hitler.

Hard pass.

“The Republican is currently running ahead of Biden in polling in all seven key battleground states likely to decide this year’s contest, according to the RealClear Polling average of polls. The Cook Political Report showed Trump up in six of the seven, with Wisconsin a dead heat,” DeSoto wrote in his piece.

DeSoto pointed out in the article that, “In 2020, Biden carried Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, only losing North Carolina to Trump. The Cook Political Report’s Electoral College map currently has Trump winning 302 to Biden’s 225.”

Look at the depths the left is willing to go in order to prevent Trump from getting another four years in the White House. They have thrown almost 100 felony charges at him in several indictments, and despite their best efforts, things are not going the way they hoped. Trump looks poised to survive these attacks. Not only that, he’s actually gained support and votes as the court proceedings have moved forward.

This is why Biden’s campaign is trying their latest move, bringing the Capitol Police officers into the mix. It’s an attempt to convince voters that Trump is somehow a threat to our “democracy,” which, by the way, isn’t what we are anyway. We’re a Republic. Big difference.

“The irony of them trying to put the presumptive Republican nominee in jail for the rest of his life over what can only be described as, forgive me, trumped up charges, escapes the Biden campaign,” DeSoto penned.

“Former Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, former U.S. Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, and D.C. police officer Danny Hodges will act as surrogates for the campaign in states including Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Hampshire in the weeks and months ahead,” CBS News went on to say. “The campaign says the trio will underscore Trump’s praise for the Jan. 6 rioters, including having called them ‘unbelievable patriots,’ and how Trump said he’ll be a dictator on ‘day one’ of a second term.”

In a Fox News town hall that was hosted by popular pundit Sean Hannity last December, Trump cracked a joke where he declared he’d become a dictator his very first day in office in order to reverse all the executive order policies implemented by Biden when he stepped into the Oval Office.

“I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill,” he remarked at the time.

“On Tuesday, the Biden campaign rolled out some of their D.C. police surrogates at a news conference in front of the Manhattan courthouse where Democrat DA Alvin Bragg’s ‘get Trump’ case is being tried,” the report disclosed.

“I heard distress calls coming from fellow police officers on the Capitol as thousands of Trump supporters rushed them and brutally assaulted members of law enforcement,” former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone stated during the event.

“That day, I like many other hundreds of other D.C. police officers, put on a uniform and responded to the Capitol to assist our brothers and sisters in law enforcement,” he continued.

The guy looks like a crazy homeless man who has a raging case of schizophrenia. We’re really supposed to listen to him? Hard pass times two.

Here’s what Trump really proclaimed that fateful day, which clearly flies in the face of the false narrative Fanone and the rest of the Democratic Party want you to believe:

“The 45th president specifically said at a rally near the White House earlier that day, ‘I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.'”

As DeSoto noted in his article, this is the president encouraging upset Americans to let their voices be heard through the First Amendment and to do so “peaceably,” which is how we do things here in the U.S. There was no encouragement of violence or insurrection.

DeSoto finished by saying, “The real threat to democracy is Joe Biden and the Democrats, with their political prosecutions, not Donald Trump. A handful of Washington D.C. police officers are not going to persuade most of the American public otherwise.”

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  1. sorry dems you’re biting off your nose to spite your face……………….. as for me I’m sending another donation to trump ever hear of if something does’nt kill you, it’ll make you stronger – get back in the basement Bidump – Trump’s coming back bigger and stronger


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