High-Profile Democrat Defects From Biden To Trump, Says Joe’s ‘Asleep At The Wheel’

(Republican Senate News) – Back when the 2020 presidential cycle was getting ready to kick off, many Democrats were desperate to stop former President Donald Trump from completely destroying all of the infrastructure they painstakingly put in place during Obama’s time in office as a means to radically transform our country. Out of this desperation, they sought someone, anyone, who they believed could generate enough support on the left to defeat Trump and allow them to stop his agenda.

In the search for a familiar and “trustworthy” name, they pushed for Joe Biden to be their nominee. He then went on to become president — not entirely by legal means either — and no doubt thought they were beginning another Democratic Party era in the White House with a minor hiccup that was four years of Trump.

That’s not what happened. In fact, Biden’s presidency has been a total disaster, leading to Democrats losing their grip on young, Black voters, Hispanic voters, and other important demographics that were absolutely loyal to their party. It’s a failure of epic proportions.

Many Democrats have also been jumping ship, such as Allison Huynh, who, back in 2008, worked to use the huge amounts of money at the disposal of Big Tech companies to elect Obama to the Oval Office.

Now she’s all-in for Trump, according to Jack Davis of The Western Journal.

“I think Biden has been out of touch. He’s asleep at the wheel,” Huynh asserted in an interview with the New York Post. She then told the outlet she believes that Trump understands and relates to the average American voter and connects with them on their level.

“His rhetoric is entertaining. But the policies and politics make sense. I think Trump is engaging. I would like to hang out with Trump. He’s a really cool guy,” Huynh added.

“Huynh said her role in helping Obama was to bring tech moguls behind a candidate who was outside the system. As a result, she brought millions to his campaign, something that will not happen for Biden now that she backs Trump,” Davis wrote.

She also expressed her belief that the former president knows what is wrong with our country and has a plan for how to repair the damage.

“I was surprised when I met Donald Trump,” Huynh explained. “He was light and funny and intelligent. The people there were down-to-earth.”

“I was happy with how knowledgeable Trump is about what is going on with the country and the economy. He had the information. He is all there with the things that matter: education — his kids are well-educated -— fighting crime, immigration and business,” she continued.

“Many people are coming to Trump for his good policies,” she went on to tell the outlet. “Look at his 2016 Jobs Act. It encourages investment, which helps to sustain this country.”

Huynh told the Post that America needs “policies that make our cities safer.”

Speaking on how Democratic Party policies have been spectacular failures, she referred to San Francisco as “a failed science experiment for super leftist ideas and ideals.”

“We are allowing heroin addicts to shoot up in public, violent attacks on Asians in Chinatown, and looting of our grocery stores and shopping malls. City officials and police just look the other way,” she stated during the interview.

Huynh then mentioned the quiet part out loud when it comes to the topic of immigration, noting that not all immigrants are the same.

“I am all for hardworking immigrants, but not for open admission of immigrants. We have to differentiate between legal immigrants who come here and work hard and illegal immigrants who come here and commit crimes,” she remarked about the immigration issue. It’s critical to point out that Huynh immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam when she was just a child.

Huynh also appeared recently on ‘Fox & Friends First’ where she declared the president was a huge disappointment.

“He’s allowed Big Tech as well as the looters to take over Silicon Valley. San Francisco has been the science experiment that’s gone awry. I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to, there’s no malls to take my teenage girls shopping to. The streets are not safe, there are more fentanyl users and dealers than high school students in our once great city,” she told the hosts of the program.

“When he [Obama] came into power, he was very scared. In his biography, he talked about being afraid of doing things because he didn’t want to ruin it for future black leaders and black presidents, and therefore, he let the government bureaucracy and red tape take over him, whereas Trump was very specific with coming out with great ideas to allow people to grow great wealth,” she commented. “Biden is changing that. Right now, it’s very hard in this country to make money unless you work for a Big Tech company. If you’re an emerging tech company, they’re driving you offshore.”

You know, it seems the individual who is doing the most to get Trump elected is Biden himself. If he keeps up the good work, Trump will be moving back into the White House next January.

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