NYPD Sets Its Sights On Trump, Expected To Strip Him Of THIS…

(Republican Senate News) – There are two things radical Democrats take absolute satisfaction in, and these are usually separate from each other, but thanks to the guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump last week, they get to enjoy them at the same time. I’m talking about gun grabbing and persecuting Trump. With his conviction on felony charges of falsifying business records, police in New York are going to strip him of his right to bear arms, which is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. However, it becomes null and void when you are found guilty of a felony.

According to a recent article written by Connor Cavanaugh of The Western Journal, “Trump has maintained his concealed carry license for quite some time, at least during the entire time he was in office and thereafter. But when Trump was indicted in March 2023, the state of New York decided to quietly suspend his carry license with two of the three pistols registered under him being surrendered to the New York Police Department, per CNN.”

The third gun the former president owned was, as per the news outlet, “lawfully moved to Florida.”

Unfortunately, Cavanaugh points out, the license is teetering on the edge, about to be taken away, as the NYPD stands ready to revoke it, since by law, it’s a federal crime for convicted felons to own a gun.

“In response, the legal bureau of the NYPD will conduct an investigation “that will likely lead to revocation of his license,” a senior police officer told CNN. Trump will have the ability to challenge the revocation in a hearing, though with the disdain that the New York legal system clearly has against the politician, it would likely be a lost cause,” Cavanaugh said.

“While of course Trump does not need to carry a gun since he has constant Secret Service protection, it shows just how far the leftists are going to prosecute and torment him. Yes, it is common for the state of New York to revoke gun licenses for criminals after their convictions, but this is far from a typical case,” Cavanaugh continued in the article.

Democrats have been on a mission to politically persecute Trump ever since he first announced he would be running for president in 2016. Not a single day has gone by that they haven’t attempted in some capacity to use the legal system as a weapon against him. By doing this, they have exposed the deep state element within the Justice Department and made it crystal clear they intend to not only punish Trump through the legal system, but those who follow and support him as well.

It’s critical that the former president, along with each and every one of us who support Trump, utilize all the lawful means at our disposal to fight back against this injustice.

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  1. Gee, Trump has to obey a law that’s on the books. How awful. Y’all really do believe that he is above the law, don’t you? At least, as of now, he is not. Of course, if America is stupid enough to put him back in office, that will change as will pretty much everything else about our 200 + year old democracy. WAKE UP.


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