Surprise! Jesus Coming To Super-Woke DISNEY

(Republican Senate News) – In news that will legitimately shock you, it seems that Disney+, which has gained a lot of steam by partnering up with streaming service Hulu, is once again expanding its reach by adding the Christian television series, ‘The Chosen,’ to its roster. The real question is how in the world this particular selection is going to fit in with the vast majority of content they’ve been producing? Most of their programming is extremely woke and pushes LGBTQ agenda items down the throats of young kids.

According to Inside the Magic, “It was recently revealed that seasons 1-3 of The Chosen will soon debut on Disney+ and Hulu, a decision that might come as a massive surprise to some viewers. Since the partnership with Hulu has allowed a large assortment of ‘less than magical’ material onto Disney’s platform, an adaptation of the life of Jesus Christ might be the last addition some were expecting.”

This, in my mind at least, raises immediate concerns about potential edits the streaming giant might make to the series in order to lessen what it believes are heavy religious themes. After all, this is a rather conservative, biblically accurate program. It’s hard to imagine Hulu/Disney+ allowing religious programming on their platform that didn’t conform to their worldview.

“The Chosen is a unique and intimate take on the traditional biblical narrative of the life, miracles, and ministry of Christ. Although Jesus himself (played by Jonathan Roumie) is still the central figure, the show utilizes the perspective of his disciples to frame the narrative and explore a more personal relationship with him. The series has since become an absolute sensation, and the House of Mouse took notice,” the report noted.

“From a crowd-funded indie darling to a multi-platform underdog story, The Chosen is easily one of the most successful and popular TV dramas on any network, including Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. So, it makes total sense that both Disney and Hulu would want to capitalize on the show’s massive and growing fanbase,” the article continued.

The main reason that Disney is adding ‘The Chosen’ is because general audiences love it and it appeals to a more adult viewership. Obviously, there’s plenty of content for young kids, but if any company wants to pull in money and be successful, they need to be appealing to adults too.

However, part of why Disney was so desperate to grab ahold of Hulu is because the company has taken some massive hits over the last several years. Much of their content has been geared toward normalizing sexual deviant behaviors like homosexuality and transgenderism in their programming, even cartoons.

Parents need to be more cautious than ever about what they let children watch.

“That said, this might also be a tremendous win for Disney’s image. With the Hulu bundle, Disney+ subscribers can also find a large selection of controversial media, such as American Horror Story, Law and Order: SVU, and Rick and Morty. The decision to include The Chosen amongst these titles might help win some more conservative subscribers back toward the mouse,” Inside the Magic reported in conclusion.

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