TYRANNY: Bank Of America Terminates Account Of Conservative Reporter Without Explanation

(Republican Senate News) – An independent conservative reporter has revealed that Bank of America officially closed down her account, providing no advance warning or explanation for why. Oh, I have a pretty good idea of why they did it. They are helping the deep state prosecute anyone who dares to take a stand against the destruction of America and report the truth of what’s really happening in the world. Liberals have infected every aspect of our society and are working to censor all those opposed to their socialist utopian pipe dream.

The journalist in question, Christina Urso, who also goes by Radix Verum, claims that BoA suddenly de-banked her and left her without any cash. Urso then used social media to share her story and anger over the situation.

She commented, “I have been with them for years,” in a post published on X.

“Urso believes her account’s termination was related to her reporting and documentary about the alleged 2020 kidnapping attempt of on Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer,” Slay News disclosed. The movie is called, “Kidnap and Kill: An FBI Terror Plot.”

The independent reporter divulged that the bank refuses to give her a reason for shutting down the account.

“Urso said Bank of America has informed her to be on the lookout for a ‘check in the mail’ with her final balance,” Slay continued. “However, she was not given a timeframe for the arrival of her funds.”

“I am traveling at the end of the month for my documentary,” she explained. “Now I have no funds.”

“I have crew members I need to pay,” the independent journalist went on to declare.

She then shared a video where Bank of America asserted that her account was terminated by the risk department.

All of her autopay bills are now being declined as a result of the closure.

“I’m left scrambling to find another bank while being completely unable to access my funds,” she remarked. “No timeframe for when I’ll get the ‘check in the mail.’”

Uros made contact with the risk department to get answers, however, they refused to provide any.

“They refuse to say why, or why they didn’t contact me and allow me the opportunity to get another bank lined up,” Urso explained.

“Urso added that she was told Bank of America reserves the right to terminate their business arrangements with customers at any time without explanation,” Slay stated.

“I asked her if she thinks that’s acceptable and she would not say,” the thread continued.

Taking a gander at the service agreement for Bank of America. It says the institution reserves the right to “terminate” a person’s account if there is “participation in any or all of your Services for any reason, including inactivity, at any time.” It also states they will try to send notice to customers about the closure of the account, though the agreement says it is “not obliged to do so.” How nice of them.

Let’s hope Urso gets a new account with an institution that will not work hand-in-hand with corrupt government agencies to persecute those who are in opposition to the progressive agenda.

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