White House In Crisis: Admits To ‘Fixing’ Biden’s Statements 148 Times THIS YEAR!

(Republican Senate News) – President Joe Biden is a gaffe machine. This is a truth that has been proven time and time again during the tenure of his presidency, but the exact extent of his folly has not been previously quantified until now. The number of times Biden has had to be corrected just in 2024, will blow your mind. We absolutely need someone else in the Oval Office because this man is an embarrassment.

“White House communications staff has had to correct President Joe Biden’s public remarks at least 148 times since the beginning of 2024, a review of official White House transcripts shows,” the Daily Caller reported. Good grief. Is it any wonder no one takes us seriously on the geopolitical stage? Can you imagine any other world leader having to be corrected by his own people this frequently?

“The White House releases an official transcript anytime the president gives a speech or takes questions. Communications staff frequently correct, add to or alter Biden’s official remarks in order to either bring them into compliance with official White House policy or, in some cases, reality, a Daily Caller analysis showed. In several cases, official statements had to be changed to convey the exact opposite of what Biden actually said,” the piece added.

Through a total of 118 speeches, statements, and conversations with members of the press starting on Jan. 1st and going all the way to April 24th, the White House has officially updated transcripts with corrections a total of 148 times. Oof.

The modifications come in a wide variety, including name corrections, dates, and titles of organizations. Some of the other changes involve verbs and modifying the meaning of an entire statement. Words that Biden didn’t actually speak, but should have, have also been added to the transcripts.

Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

The White House transcript of Biden’s March State of the Union address says, “It was then, through no — through my American Rescue Plan — which every American [Republican] voted against, I might add — we made the largest investment in public safety ever…”

“I’ve always believed we’ve [they’ve] got it all wrong. America is rising. And we have the best economy in the world, which we do,” the White House transcript of Biden’s comments made on April 17th concerning his new initiatives to protect U.S. steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, read.

“We must be honest: The threat to democracy must be defended [defeated],” another State of the Union excerpt states.

During an event held a week ago, Biden, apparently not understanding how a teleprompter works, actually read the word “pause” during a speech. But when you look at the transcript from the White House, the word “pause” was removed, replaced with “(inaudible).” In other words, these folks are attempting to make the president look like he still has all his marbles, what with it being an election year and all. An update to the transcript was made that now includes the “pause” along with the “(inaudible).”

“Folks, imagine what we could do next,” Biden commented, explaining his economic policies throughout his administration. “Four more years … Pause,”

In a series of different examples, Biden gave false information which was later corrected in the transcript.

“We vaccinated the vast bulk of America. We got through that pandemic with less than 200 million — with less than 2 million people being vaccinated when I came to office. Today, 720 [270] million Americans have gotten COVID vaccine,” the White House transcript goes on to say, from comments made at a Jan. 30th campaign reception. (America’s total population is currently sitting around 333 million, according to the United States Census Bureau.)

“I was at a town meeting in Northern Virginia, and a very — a very together lady stood up with her two daughters and said, “My daughters have stage 2 [Type 1] diabetes. They need insulin. And I — I have insurance, but I can’t afford what it’s costing me — $700 a month for two of them,” Biden’s Feb. 7th campaign speech notes.

“Since I’ve been to office, we’ve created 14 million new jobs — 440 [thousand] new jobs in North Carolina alone, just since I came to office. (Applause.) And that’s because of this guy right here. Nearly 800,000 manufacturing jobs nationwide,” another one says.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads more of these kinds of corrections, pointing to the fact that Biden is not cognitively sound and likely mentally compromised. There’s no way he should be in office right now, let alone for another four years. If this were a series of isolated incidents, no harm, no foul. Nobody is perfect when speaking in public.

But this is a pattern that’s consistent and constant. Our nation will not likely survive a second Biden term intact.

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