Judge Hands Trump A Major Win Over Letitia James

(Republican Senate News) – Former President Donald Trump finally got some good news on Monday when Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the civil fraud case brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James, finally accepted the $175 million bond. This is no doubt causing James to blow steam out of her ears as she’s now no longer able to seize the former president’s assets or freeze his bank accounts. The smell of victory is sweet, isn’t it?

Mike Landry, writer for The Western Journal, is reporting, “Engoron’s approval means New York Attorney General Letitia James won’t be able to seize Trump’s assets or freeze his bank accounts — a possibility if the Republican presidential candidate had been required to post a previous bond set at nearly half a billion dollars.”

James had raised questions concerning the viability of the bond’s issuer, Knight Specialty Insurance Co. This isn’t about justice over some perceived wrong. James is a pawn being used by the Democratic Party to try and destroy Trump and every part of his life. Some of this is revenge for beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and dismantling policies former President Barack Obama put in place. The rest of the motivation behind the effort is about getting Trump out of President Joe Biden’s way so he can get another four years in the White House.

“Among other things, she pointed to Knight’s lack of registry with the New York State Department of Financial Services. Trump argued he had to go to California to retain the firm because he is prohibited from using a New York firm, USA Today reported,” Landry wrote.

“On Friday, James made a court filing arguing that the defendants in the case and Knight had ‘failed to justify’ the surety of the bond and called upon Engoron to void the bond and make the former president post a different bond within seven days,” Landry’s article went on to say.

Attorneys representing the state remarked that they were worried Trump might have access to a cash account that is listed with Charles Schwab financial services, which was used as collateral for the Knight bond. However, Trump is not allowed to take any money from that account without the action being approved by Knight, Christopher Kise, one of Trump’s attorneys, stated in court on Monday.

Kise then explained that Schwab would also not allow him to access the account. “We have to put the money somewhere,” he said.

That didn’t stop Judge Engoron from questioning the arrangement, however.

“You keep using the word ‘agreement,’” the judge commented. “What if they break the agreement?”

“It all seems like a house of cards,” he added.

“Lawyers for Trump and James hammered out a new agreement, which Engoron approved. Knight would keep ‘exclusive control’ of the bond, with the company and Trump making monthly certifications that cash is available, according to the state,” the piece noted.

“Also, Knight has agreed to the designation of an agent to handle the transactions, and any changes in agreements between the former president and the company require court approval, according to Axios,” it continued.

The current bond is a fairly massive reduction from the original $454 million the former president was ordered to pay.

And this gave James hope that she would be able to seize his business assets. Alas, her dreams have been thoroughly crushed, putting a smile on my face. How about you?

“Trump was accused of fraud in the overvaluation of property, which many have said is essentially a victimless practice common in real estate. The state’s action against the president has given pause to others engaged in business in New York,” Landry concluded.

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  1. read trump accomplishments, white house entry compared to biden’s 50 years in government.

    Trump, attacked the problems at the border, invaders and drugs, Abraham accords which brought Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to sit down with Israel and talked trade, etc. Opportunity zones in the inner cities, cheap oil from our own wells. I don’t care if trump swings from chandeliers before breakfast I cared what he got done…no new wars in four years, first time in 72 years a president since before Wilson didn’t take us to war. Its not about parties its about country. I was in the gov 37 years,14 countries, one war zone and ten years at the border. Biden wrecked this country and caused more misery than any president I’ve ever seen, and I was in the gov with eight of them. What are americans thinking voting for Joe??

  2. If any one should be convicted of any crimes, it should be hunterBiden and Biden himself. I don’t even call him the president he destroyed this country. He’s destroying the schools. He destroyed the economy. Inflation and everything trying to buy homes trying to buy cars trying to buy food since when do you have to pay seven dollars for a dozen eggs in the state of Florida or any other state in the United States? This is not the United States anymore. He’s destroyed everything. He should be the one that be taken down and out of office.


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