Donald Trump Turns The Tables On Manhattan DA With Brilliant Bodega Move

(Republican Senate News) – Former President Donald Trump might be forced to spend his entire day in a courtroom, while President Joe Biden gets opportunities to campaign for his reelection. However, Trump’s rallies are far bigger than those put on by the commander-in-chief, which I think speaks volumes about where the general consensus of the country lies when it comes to the leadership style they’d rather be governed by. Honestly, despite the indictments, Trump is actually thriving in the polls. The left is failing miserably in their attempts to remove him from the playing field.

And right now, it seems that if Trump isn’t able to get out on the campaign trail, as The Western Journal noted, the campaign trail will just have to come to him.

“Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to alleged hush money payments made during the 2016 campaign. But Trump is not one to just sit around. On Tuesday evening, after spending the second day in a downtown Manhattan courtroom for jury selection, Trump made a campaign stop at a bodega in Harlem, according to Fox News,” the report disclosed.

“Chants of ‘I love you, Trump,’ and ‘We love Trump’ filled the streets of Harlem as the crowd overflowed the sidewalks, waiting for a glimpse of the former president,” the article divulged.

As the former president got out of his car, the crowd immediately erupted into chants of “USA” and “four more years.” The American people are definitely waking up and getting behind the right man for the job. All it took was four years of Joe Biden to finally drive the point home that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Another batch of supporters then busted out ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’

Imagine the hype and excitement that is typical of a Trump rally unfolding in the streets of Harlem. That’s a good picture of what happened during his visit to the bodega. People showed up to let the rest of the nation know that Donald Trump should be given another term in the White House.

“Meanwhile, a photograph of Joe Biden’s ‘tini-tiny’ Scranton, Pennsylvania, rally happening on the same day went viral as a stark comparison,” the piece went on to say.

“The bodega Trump visited became known as the ‘Jose Alba bodega’ after the July 2022 incident where Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg arrested and charged the bodega worker Jose Alba with murder for fatally stabbing an assailant who attacked him behind the counter. Bragg initially sent Alba to Riker’s island with bail set at $250,000. The charges were ultimately dropped after public outcry that Alba acted in self-defense, Fox News reported,” the article continued.

While inside the bodega, Trump became fascinated with the young son of the man who owns the establishment, referring to him as a “movie star,” which delighted the young man. Trump took an opportunity to speak with members of the Bodega Association who then expressed their gratitude for Trump stopping by the store.

“We are really pleased with you to come in and to recognize the work that we the bodega owners [do]. We are always on the lines, in the pandemic work, we were always on the front lines. We need to have respect, and we need more police safety,” one member said to the former president.

“We went from being heroes to being abandoned by our local elected officials,” another told him.

“This is a very exciting time for me,” Trump proclaimed to the media as he left the bodega, though he was barely able to be heard over the cheering crowd.

“The Bodega’s, the association invited me. I respect them, and they respect me. They want law and order — they have a lot of crime, tremendous crime, where their stores are being robbed,” Trump remarked.

He then stated that the requirement to be in the courtroom is making him “campaign locally, and that’s ok.”

“This trial, that I have now, that’s a Biden trial. They want to keep me off the campaign trail. But based on what I’m doing, I think there’s more press here than there is if I went out to some nice location,” Trump added.

The former president then declared that he was going to give New York “a very good shot” when it comes to the presidency, saying, “a lot of things have changed.”

Flipping New York red? It’s a long shot, but if anyone can manage to pull it off, it’s Trump.

“We have to straighten out New York, and that includes crime,” he continued while speaking to the press.

Trump then went on to discuss the migrant situation unfolding in New York, telling the media, “They’re coming from jails and prisons, mental institutions and insane asylums, and you have massive numbers of terrorists coming into our country, all because of Biden.”

“Number one, you have to stop crime, and we’re going to let the police do their job. They have to be given back their authority. They have to be able to do their job,” he asserted. “And we’re going to come into New York. We’re making a big play for New York — other cities, too. But this city, I love this city.”

Biden should be worried. All of the schemes cooked up by the left to remove Trump from the playing field are failing. People are flocking to back the former president in droves. He’s doing far better than he did in 2020. Biden’s days in the White House could truly be numbered.

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