TX Democrat Calls For Black People To Be Exempt From Paying Taxes

(Republican Senate News) – Texas Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett is now going viral after posing the crazy notion that Black Americans should be exempt from taxation as a form of reparations. Is anyone else absolutely sick of hearing about this topic? The individuals calling for this are not, nor were they ever, slaves, nor do any White people today own slaves. So why are we holding innocent people accountable for the crimes of their ancestors which they had zero influence or control over? That is not justice.

In reality, those calling for reparations are lazy and do not want to work for what they have. Not all Black Americans are on board with reparations and that is important to point out. Many believe that it’s simply time to move forward, especially now that everyone enjoys the same level of freedom.

According to The Western Journal, Crockett recently made an appearance on a program called, ‘The Black Lawyers Podcast,’ that was posted on YouTube earlier this week, which is where she was asked to share her thoughts concerning the topic of reparations.

“She opened by noting the difficulties in any reparations program that isn’t done at the federal level, since individuals would flood any state that provides them the most money. Crockett, whose district covers much of Dallas, then lamented that many of her fellow politicians aren’t interested in considering the racist programs proposed by radical leftists,” the report continued.

Crockett then started to discuss an idea she heard from a celebrity she did not name concerning “Black folk not having to pay taxes for a certain amount of time.”

In other words, they want to take full advantage of all the amazing benefits our country has to offer without actually contributing to the system. Plenty of take, none of the give. Sounds a lot like illegal aliens, right?

“When the conservative social media account End Wokeness publicized her comments on X, the video accumulated more than 2 million views by early Wednesday afternoon,” the piece continued.

“While she seemed to like the idea, she immediately began to backtrack on it slightly, saying that some people would much prefer simply having money directly given to them,” the WJ noted.

She then claimed that the idea could potentially create problems “for people that are already, say, struggling and aren’t really paying taxes in the first place,” seemingly implying that there are a lot of Black Americans who don’t paying taxes.

The Texas Democrat tried to justify the idea of reparations by saying that for “many Black folk, not only do you owe for the labor that was stolen and killed and all the other things, but the fact is we end up being so far behind.”

The thing is, giving money to people just because of the color of their skin is a racist idea. How can you heal racism by creating even MORE racism? That doesn’t make any logical sense. As you might imagine, many took to social media and called out the claims made by Crockett.

Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip ‘Dilbert,’ denounced the Democrat’s video.

“Two people casually discussing how much of my money they deserve and what’s the best way to take it,” Adams said in his post. “I have no respect for anyone who thinks I owe reparations because of my skin color.”

“It’s election year, so democrat rep Jasmine Crockett is on the stroll pandering to black people; getting their hopes up with the reparations/paying no taxes talk,” another stated.

One individual referred to the conversation as a warning of what could be coming later down the road.

“Esteemed Democrat Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett suggests that black people should not have to pay taxes. If the Left wins in November, they will pack SCOTUS so Democrats can pass their crazy illegal policies, like creating a tax code on race,” they penned.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an attempt to buy votes. Democrats are desperate to pull in as many victories as they can later this year in November. As a result, they’re saying all sorts of things people want to hear.

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  1. This should expose the Democrats for the insane idiots they are when given responsibility over other people’s money! What if I can find one black guy in my family tree? What do I get. Be sure, my friends, these are the last days of America. Enjoy what little sanity is in the air. It will all be gone soon.

  2. I want reparations from all that voted this clown in, as I think it’s the least they can do for putting this country where it is today, compared to 3 years ago…

  3. Why is it it’s always a black person who is the most racist against people white people were slave’s too but guess that doesn’t matter

  4. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act. part of that act gave freed slaves the opportunity to obtain 160 acres of free farm land. FREE they had to be 21 and pay the $18 filing fee. Wouldn’t that be reparations, a place to build your farm? they also sent freed slaves who wanted to return to Africa passage to Liberia a Land on the west coast of Africa. Over the years colleges for descendants of freed slaves were supported. I think of Oprah. she grew up poor went to college, got a job in a MD radio station, Had her own show, has her own network, several homes and a net worth of $3 billion. How many slaves were brought to the US during the slave trade and how many are in the US today? i was born in 1945 my grandparents didn’t get here until 1905. Europeans came from 50 countries and only those from England spoke English, were blacks able to speak, Polish? Greek? Czechoslovakian? German? Swedish? Italian, Croatian, etc. they didn’t get along until their kids all went to school and learned english. We made progress blacks have succeeded in many venues. I have always given funds to black causes but not reparations, never.


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