Congresswoman: Bidens Are ‘Most Corrupt Family Ever In A Position Of Power’

(Republican Senate News) – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, gave testimony during a deposition last week where he was interrogated by Rep. Harriet Hageman who peppered the troubled younger son of our beleaguered commander-in-chief with a series of questions concerning his cocaine and alcohol addictions while he was serving on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The deposition was part of the Oversight and House Judiciary committees’ impeachment inquiry into Biden.

According to Cowboy State Daily, “Republicans have alleged that Hunter Biden profited from his work on the board in return for his father’s support when he was vice president. Hageman told Cowboy State Daily that Hunter Biden maintained throughout his testimony, which lasted more than six hours, that his father was never involved in his business dealings.”

Along with that, an FBI informant was charged earlier in the month with concocting a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme that involved Burisma, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter.

“Hageman said she found Hunter Biden’s deposition enlightening in that he was actively battling substance abuse addictions while actively serving Burisma, to the full knowledge of his fellow board members, all while his father was serving as vice president of the United States.”

“She and many other conservatives have accused Biden of being corrupted by foreign entities while vice president because his son and other members of his family received millions of dollars from these sources at the same time,” CSD noted.

During the deposition, Hageman explained that our political leaders in this country cannot be allowed to be subjected to a different set of laws than average, everyday Americans. This is a two-tiered system of justice and it will obliterate our nation. She also pointed out that the families of politicians should not be enriched by their public service. Nobody should be going into politics to become wealthy. That opens the door for massive corruption and compromise, rotting away at the fabric of our nation.

“I believe that this is the most corrupt family ever in a position of power in this country’s history,” Hageman went on to say. “We’re talking about a level of corruption that is so far beyond what we’ve seen with previous political leaders.”

“When the FBI declined to prosecute some of these charges against Hunter Biden, Hageman said it resulted in an automatic gifting of millions of dollars to him. Hageman believes the purpose of Hunter Biden serving on the Ukrainian board was to earn the implicit protection of the vice president of the United States,” the report revealed.

“Who pays someone with these kinds of admitted raging addictions $1 million a year to be on a board in a country where you don’t even speak the language?” she asked. “You don’t pay a crackhead $1 million a year to be on a board in a foreign country unless you’re getting something for it.”

President Biden was asked last week if he had any sort of interactions with Hunter’s business associates on the Burisma board. He denied all allegations. But Hageman went on to note that testimony from Hunter, along with photographic evidence, paints a very different picture.

“I know that he’s suffering from dementia and that’s part of the issue, but I think part of the issue is that he (President Biden) is a liar,” Hageman proclaimed, which likely made liberal heads explode across the U.S.

“Most of Hageman’s testimony centered on the timeline of Biden’s addiction in relation to his time serving on Burisma’s board. Biden said by the end of his time serving on the board in 2019, it had become fairly obvious to those around him that he was battling an addiction, and gone in and out of periods of addiction and sobriety during that time. Biden said his co-workers at Burisma knew he had gone to more than a dozen rehabilitation centers for his addictions,” the CSD piece divulged.

“And like people that are alcoholics or addicts, is that you can either make a go of hoping they get better or you can say we no longer want you to serve based on this,” Biden stated during the deposition.

Hageman then asked the first son if he had a fiduciary responsibility to let the company he worked for know about his addiction issues. He did what all people do when they get offended and don’t want to tell the truth: he returned the question. Hunter asked Hageman if every person who suffered from addiction should immediately quit their jobs.

“He had a fiduciary obligation to inform them, everybody understands that,” Hageman asserted. “You can’t be a raging crack addict and expect to make $1 million a year on a board when you’re stoned out of your gourd.”

Hageman proceeded to ask Hunter when his addictions were brought under control, to which he remarked that recovery is not a cut-and-dry thing.

“If you understood addiction, you don’t necessarily have dates,” Biden went on to say. “The one date that you remember is this — you remember the day you quit, and you remember the date that you first started when you were 11 years old and you had your first drink.”

He then insisted he stopped using both drugs and alcohol on June 1, 2019.

“Hageman also alluded to her belief that based on his addictions and personal behavior, she doesn’t find Hunter Biden a likely candidate to be offering guidance on oversight and accountability to a multimillion-dollar company on corporate governance. Biden said during his deposition that he was extremely qualified for the role and more qualified than anyone deposing him that day. He explained that his role didn’t necessitate expertise on oil and gas in Ukraine, but rather knowledge of business ethics,” the article disclosed.

The congresswoman then declared that Biden used his addictions as an excuse, as well as a justifier, to answer questions concerning his dealings with Burisma, often citing a lack of memory about specific events due to being high at the time. I’d also wager he did this to try and gain sympathy from folks on the panel as well.

Later on in the interview, Hageman affirmed her belief that the whopping 91 charges brought against former President Donald Trump are all illegitimate, and are a weaponization of the justice system against the political opponents of Joe Biden.

“We cannot have a justice system that treats Hunter Biden one way and Donald Trump Jr. a different way,” Hageman explained. “We will not survive as a republic, it will tear this country apart.”

And that’s the bottom line.

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