BMW Owner Faces Jaw-Dropping $71,000 Bill To Replace EV Battery

(Republican Senate News) – Back in 2021, the BMW i3 met its end, meaning that vehicle production was officially killed off. However, it has remained a fairly popular car on the second-hand market, but unbeknownst to many consumers, there are massive potential bills just waiting to suck the cold, hard cash from their bank accounts. Heck, that almost sounds like the federal government, doesn’t it?

One owner of this not-so-fine vehicle, which is an electric car by the way, discovered this truth after being quoted a stunning $71,208.27 for a brand new battery pack. And yet, the federal government continues to try and push people into purchasing these kinds of vehicles to supposedly help the environment, despite the fact they are extremely expensive, dangerous, and unreliable.

According to CarBuzz, “Not only is that more than the car itself, but it surpasses the value of a brand-new BMW i5 eDrive40. It’s no secret that replacing the battery on an electric vehicle is expensive, but this figure seems excessive – even by BMW standards. We have seen some replacement estimates cost around the $16,000 mark. After posting the obscene quote on Reddit, several i3 owners shared the excessive quotes they received, with one presented with a bill for $30,000.”

Say it with me.

These cars are not practical for the average person. Heck, even wealthy people would have a difficult time with the outrageous cost of maintaining an electric car.

Is this correct?
byu/xplorng77 inBMWi3

“All these repair bills are alarming, but the fact that owners receive varying quotes for the same job is even more bizarre. CarBuzz has contacted BMW USA for comment and will update the article accordingly once we receive a reply,” the report said.

“Some Reddit users believe the dealer is unwilling to carry out the repair. By presenting owners with ridiculous quotes, they will likely be put off and search for an alternative (or purchase a new car). ‘They can’t just say, ‘no, we don’t want to do it,’ so they make the price so ridiculous it pushes the customer into getting a new car,’ wrote one user in the replies. Of course, there’s no proof that the dealer is doing this on purpose, so i3 owners (and those who drive older EVs, for that matter) may have to look to the aftermarket for solutions,” CB stated.

“The battery pack in an i3 consists of eight cells. But even if one goes awry, it can still cost the owner big bucks. So, if you own an i3 or another older EV, it may be worth looking for an expert or specialist who can carry out these repairs for far less money. A single battery module costs between $3,000 and $3,500, so it’s possible that the repair can be carried out for nowhere near the obscene $70,000+ quote mentioned above. With repair bills like this, it’s no wonder people view EVs as throwaway items,” the piece continued.

And if you think these prices are only impacting the BMW i3, you’re sadly mistaken. A recent study from Recurrent has discovered that replacing the batteries in a Volkswagen e-Golf will cost you a staggering $21,000. However, that’s chump change compared to the $113,500 bill that was presented to an owner of a hydrogen powered Hyundai iX35. Yikes.

I think I’ll stick to gasoline powered vehicles.

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  1. Let god and his globalists and thier demonrat voters named karen have their evs and their windmills and their solar panels and us intelligent people will keep our ethynol powered vehicles .

  2. The bill is simply extortion. The actual cost of a 22KW used low mileage battery pack is less than $3000 plus about 4 hours of labor. A new pack cost about $16000 plus the labor.


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