One State Pulls Trigger On Gun-Confiscation

(Republican Senate News) – A bill in the state of Colorado, SB24-066, is moving things forward for the anti-gun lobby, helping them get one step closer to their ultimate goal of firearm confiscation, according to a brand new column posted by David Kopel, who serves as the research director for the Independence Institute. Liberals have been chomping at the bit for ages to get their hands on the Second Amendment and completely destroy it. After all, how can they forcefully create a hive-mind “utopia” if there are folks who aren’t on board with every jot and tittle of their agenda?

It’s rather difficult to pull off something like that if citizens are armed and have the power to resist.

One key element of the agenda in Colorado is that the governor’s office, along with both state chambers of Congress are controlled by radical Democrats. At hand is the creation of a mandate that would allow for banking institutions to use a special code anytime a person buys a gun.

They call this a “merchant category code.” Several other states in the country including Florida, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming have all defeated similar legislation over the course of the last year.

In his article, Kopel noted that an organization now known as the Brady Campaign, which is what he called a “gun confiscation lobby,” announced, “The first problem is to slow down the increasing number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered. And the final problem is to make the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition—except for the military, policemen, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors—totally illegal.”

In testimony delivered before lawmakers, Kopel went on to explain that the category code plan “has no plausible utility in its purported purpose of preventing gun crime before the fact. Instead, the bill’s only utility is in service of gun confiscation.”

“Proponents say that an MCC specific to firearms dealers will help track suspicious purchases, so that authorities can intervene. The government will know exactly (who) is buying firearms and how frequently. Proponents stated in a letter to the U.S. Treasury Department and Department of Justice: ‘We believe that implementation of the new MCC code for gun stores could enable financial institutions to identify and report potentially illegal gun sales to law enforcement — helping reduce gun trafficking, straw purchases, and transactions structured to evade the mandatory multiple sale reports required by firearm retailers,'” he continued.

He went on to cite the rather extensive application process already in place for a person buying a gun, which includes a four-page federal form.

Kopel then said, “Although not plausibly valuable for crime prevention, the proposed MCC bill would be a handy tool for the ultimate objectives of the gun confiscation lobbies. In their dream world of house-to-house gun confiscation, the customer lists from sporting goods stores would identify the first persons to target.”

He pointed out that while the law doesn’t allow that to happen now, “the confiscation lobbies and their political allies are also strong advocates of packing the Supreme Court to nullify the right to arms. With the right election results, the court-packing could be accomplished in the next session of Congress, or soon thereafter.”

Kopel also issued a warning, noting that the political majority in Washington is constantly changing, thus the law might easily “be weaponized against the favored groups of some of the bill’s proponents, including anti-police protesters, Marxists, unlawful aliens, and the various organizations and their donors that support both such types of persons.”

At the end of the day, our Second Amendment states plainly that the right to own a firearm shall not be infringed. The government has a really hard time comprehending this plain English, but it means that a law is not in compliance with the amendment if it limits the ability of a law-abiding citizen to own a gun. The process already in place is more than enough. In fact, even it is probably too much.

The residents of Colorado need to stand up and fight back against this nonsense before its too late.

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  1. You should live in Britain where effectively all guns are banned. Handguns are totally banned and illegal. Sporting guns are controlled to the point where there is no point in trying to get one licensed. Even shotguns. I had been shooting game and clays with a variety of shotguns for some 60 years, until recently the cost of issuing a license went up by an amount which convinced me to give up my guns.

    I envy Americans who still have the freedom and space to shoot for enjiyment as well as for the pot.


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