Biden’s FDA Slammed For Saying Poor Kids Should Be Aborted

(Republican Senate News) – A team of legal experts on the frontline against abortion in this country is putting President Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration on full blast for a rather sick, depraved, and twisted comment made about poor children.

The agency stated that poor kids should be aborted. Yes, you read that correctly. These miscreants want poor children to be singled out and murdered in the womb. Why are leftists so obsessed with murdering the innocent preborn? How can there not be some sort of demonic power or force underpinning this horrific, ancient, and pagan procedure? How often have we seen women coming out and shouting to the rooftops about how glorious it was to have an abortion?

Something dark and sinister is happening on the other side of the veil between the physical world and the spiritual one. Call me crazy, but I believe that’s true.

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under the Biden administration, has made a shockingly racist declaration to the U.S. Supreme Court. The FDA told the Court that poor kids should be aborted because they are more likely to be unfit for school, for adulthood, and for society. This claim is outrageous in the truest sense of the word,” Liberty Counsel remarked in its report on the matter.

“But equally outrageous is what pro-abortion states like New York and California are doing to encourage doctors in their states to break the laws of other states. Liberty Counsel has filed a powerful amicus brief with the Supreme Court. The High Court heard oral arguments this week, and we await their decision,” the article said.

The states of New York and California have passed “shield laws” that will give protections to doctors, preventing them from receiving penalties for providing mail order abortions to women in states where abortion is prohibited.

A news station located in extremely liberal New York state recently conducted interviews with some of the women who are participating in mail order abortions.

“The medication is going to all the states the pharmacies will not send to,” a woman who was at the clinic commented to the reporter. “So, I would say the majority are going to Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.”

“These are ALL states where mail order abortions are banned. But this woman and her associates are going out of their way to break those states’ laws. I will share something even more shocking below,” Liberty Center noted.

One of the so-called “medical doctors” using shield laws to prevent facing legal consequences is Linda Prine, a true blue priestess of death, who has admitted to sending out a staggering 10,000 abortion pills every single month to women she’s never met in person or examined personally, all who live in states where the practice has been made illegal.

We have an admission, right here, that at least 10,000 children are being killed every month by Prine. All of these women are having their health put at risk by use of this medication, but making a ton of money off bloodshed means far more than any concerns the doctor has for her patients.

“By the way, according to the drug discount program GoodRx, the average price for a mifepristone abortion pill is 500 dollars, and in larger cities, it is often even more expensive. That would mean that Dr. Prine’s clinic is raking in 5 MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH killing kids in other states,” Liberty Center divulged.

“RU-486, otherwise known as mifepristone, has an FDA warning for causing drug toxicity/overdose, ruptured ectopic tubes, hemorrhage, and more. From February 2019 to September 2020 alone, the drug killed 3,197 women. Among the other thousands of adverse injuries reported during the same period, 2/3 of women who did not die of RU-486’s adverse events required surgery to save their life and future fertility,” the piece added.

This is precisely why the FDA formerly required doctors to provide patients with an examination, in-person, before and after providing them with the medication, as a means of preserving the patient’s health. However, this requirement was trashed in 2021, allowing the abortion pill to be mailed to folks requesting it, without any sort of exam, in order to make as much cash off the medicine as possible.

The briefing provided to the justices about this drug revealed that it is owned by The Population Council, which has been labeled as “racist and eugenic” and was set up by John D. Rockefeller III in 1952, in order to “reduce the human population.”

The group declared that some individuals are just “weeds” that should be removed, while also stating that “unfit, poor, and unintelligent people were more fertile than fit people.”

Research conducted by the group went on to suggest that minorities made “wrong choices with respect to family planning because they were incompetent, unmotivated, or influenced by their own or their family’s culture.”

That’s not all. The sick individuals who make up this organization also suggested that urban water supplies be infected with chemicals that would temporarily leave young women sterile. This is common thinking among left-wingers, which goes to show you how much folks like this have in common with the Nazis they claim to despise and accuse conservatives of being.

The reason Liberty Counsel offered the friend-of-the-court briefing concerning abortion pills is because the clients it represents “are tired of watching helplessly as their populations are devastated by racist elitists who claim ‘overpopulation’ but who mainly seem fixated on reducing the populations of black and brown people.”

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