SF Mayor Dines With Chinese Influence Operatives, Accepts Gift

(Republican Senate News) – Last Thursday, London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco, had dinner with the head of a Chinese Communist Party influence group in China, which should send up a huge red flag to Americans all over the country, but especially those who call the city their home. This woman could be compromised after taking such a meeting. We all know that leftists love money, power, and loads of attention, so it’s hard telling what kind of deal they might have struck if they reached one at all. The point is, the mayor of a major city in the United States has no business having dinner with someone like this.

“Breed arrived in China on April 13 for an approximately week-long trip visiting several Chinese cities, which will wrap up on April 21, according to her office. Breed visited the Beijing headquarters of the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) on Thursday and met with CPAFFC Party secretary and chairman Yang Wanming, according to the organization’s Chinese-language website and social media account, which the DCNF translated,” the Daily Caller reported.

“CPAFFC is a central cog in China’s influence operations; in October 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo characterized CPAFFC as ‘a Beijing-based organization tasked with co-opting subnational governments, [which] has sought to directly and malignly influence state and local leaders to promote the PRC’s global agenda,'” the piece continued.

Another group, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) has also described CPAFFC as being a “key organization in China’s United Front network.” The United Front Work Department is defined as a “Chinese intelligence service” that coordinates the CCP’s “United Front work” and “influence operations.”

“On April 18, Chairman Yang Wanming met with San Francisco Mayor Breed at the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries,” CPAFFC’s Chinese-language website and social media account went on to reveal. “Yang Wanming said that San Francisco is one of America’s most important cities, and it is also one of the U.S. cities with which Chinese people are most familiar. [San Francisco] has long been at the forefront of China’s diplomatic exchanges and it has carried out productive cooperation with China in a wide range of fields.”

Several posts that were made on the Chinese-language website for CPAFFC and their social media accounts included a series of photographs featuring Breed sitting across the table from Yang Wanming during the meeting.

During their conversation, Yang Wanming told the San Francisco mayor that he “hopes that localities and people from all walks of life from China and the U.S. will take action” to help turn the “Vision for San Francisco” that both President Joe Biden and General Secretary Xi Jinping talked about back in November 2023 into a “reality.”

Breed then offered the CPAFFC a thank you for its “warm reception and meticulous arrangements,” going on to say that she hoped the sister-city relationship of San Francisco and Shanghai would continue.

The trip made by Breed “marks the 45th anniversary of the San Francisco-Shanghai Sister-City relationship, which is the first established U.S.-China Sister-City relationship.”

“In July 2022, the National Counterintelligence and Security Center warned that the CCP may ‘exploit city-to-city partnerships between the United States and China, which are managed on the Chinese side by CPAFFC,'” the Daily Caller noted.

“Indiana recently banned sister-city agreements with adversarial nations in March 2024 following a DCNF investigation based on Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks’ letter to the mayor of Carmel, Indiana, requesting the city withdraw from its Chinese sister-city relationship,” the report went on to say.

“After discussions with Yang Wanming, Breed attended a CPAFFC luncheon, according to CPAFFC’s Chinese-language website and social media account. Photos show Breed standing beside Yang Wanming in front of a large blue sign reading: ‘Luncheon in Honor of Mayor London Breed,'” it added.

Another picture posted by CPAFFC shows Yang Wanming standing beside Breed and handing her a panda bear stuffed animal. The very next day, Breed’s office commented that the zoo located in San Francisco would be welcoming pandas from China.

“President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) traveled to San Francisco in November to meet with President Joseph R. Biden and government leaders during APEC,” Breed’s office went on to say. “In his remarks, the President shared his vision to further people-to-people exchanges between China and the United States, and his intention to bring China’s Panda Diplomacy program back to the United States.”

“The U.S. State Department and Office of the Director of National Intelligence have repeatedly warned about Chinese influence operations targeting ‘subnational’ leaders at the state and local level using ‘people-to-people’ exchanges.”

At the end of the day, this doesn’t look good for Breed. We’ve had a lot of compromise with politicians getting wrapped up in a bad crowd. Keep your noses clean.

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  1. Speaking of politicians wrapped up in a bad crowd, MAGA leaders should know. But interactions between States and foreign governments are all approved by the USA State Department. So, not to worry. Sister-cities are not new. No CCP takeover has ever happened there. Trade from China must have a large American port like San Francisco-Oakland Bay to receive the trickle of products still accepted from Shanghai. People who live in glass houses like this writer should not throw stones, or become a laughing stock to those of us in the know about China.


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