Fox News Stands Firm Against White House Pressure To Alter Reporting On Biden Family Corruption

(Republican Senate News) – A new report from BizPac Review has revealed that right-of-center Fox News is being pressured by the White House to retract certain stories discussing alleged corruption within the Biden family following the arrest of a former informant by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, the network is refusing to cave. This is a good thing. We need more voices standing up for truth in journalism, especially when it comes to holding elected officials accountable for their actions.

“In a letter from Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the White House, the regime demanded that the conservative news network take down its reporting about Alexander Smirnov’s allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a foreign bribery scheme with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings which employed his son Hunter in a highly paid position despite his lack of industry experience,” the piece said.

“Smirnov, the source identified in the FD-1023 document that has been a component of House Republicans’ probe into the president and his family, was indicted by special counsel David Weiss last month and has subsequently been arrested, a conveniently timed development that has led to Biden’s allies claiming that the president has been cleared of wrongdoing,” it continued.

“I write to you about Fox News Channel and Fox News Digital coverage of the false, discredited ‘bribery’ allegation involving President Joe Biden, which Fox outlets have given significant coverage over the past year,” Sams went on to say in the letter.

Can you believe the audacity of these people? Democrats really are delusional. It seems they’ve bought their own hype, believing they have power, authority, and rights to force major news outlets to cover only the stories they deem appropriate and beneficial to their own cause. This is straight out of “1984” by Orwell. Where does the hubris come from?

“We feel strongly that all Fox News Digital articles on this topic should at a minimum be updated with editor’s notes informing readers that the source of this allegation has been federally indicted for making it up. We also feel strongly that Fox News Channel television personalities like Hannity and Watters, among others, should inform their viewers on air that they have been sharing a discredited allegation from a source who has been federally indicted for making it up,” reads the letter, which has now been reported on by multiple news outlets.

The letter is pretty skimpy when it comes to specific details concerning what Fox News has done wrong.

“Fox News Media has reported on all key developments since the announcement that Alexander Smirnov was charged with lying to the FBI, featuring the story prominently,” a spokesperson for the network stated to The Hill, in total defiance of the administration. “We will continue to report on developments in all aspects of the ongoing investigations, hearings, and trials.”

Sams has expressed his disdain for Fox News on social media as well.

Sams finished up his ridiculous letter by writing, “In 2020, Fox News’ ‘Brain Room’ research team reportedly warned the network about disinformation on this very topic and from sources just like this. Fox even reportedly fired one of its on-air contributors who had been a leader in promoting this disinformation. So it is clear that Fox itself, at one point, acknowledged the dangers of promulgating false allegations on this topic from these types of sources – yet, less than four years later, Fox has alarmingly reversed course. This is in need of correction.”

Perhaps what Sams needs is a refresher course on the topic of freedom of the press. That right is contained in our 1st Amendment. Maybe he’s never heard of it before?

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