MSNBC Leftist Has EPIC Meltdown Over Trump’s Court Victory: ‘I Don’t Even Know What To Do’

(Republican Senate News) – Leftists journalists — if one can actually call them that — at MSNBC were losing their minds after news broke that former President Donald Trump’s bond in his fraud case, previously $454 million, was reduced to a much more manageable and reasonable $175 million. Why, if you watched the meltdown they all had on live television, you’d swear this was the worst news to hit all year.

I will not lie, it was a bit delightful to see them so flustered by the utter failure of their attempt to completely and utterly destroy Trump and the hard work he has poured into his businesses over the years. Especially since the only reason they hate the man so much is because he thwarted their plans to transform America during his first go in the White House.

“Now, as reported by The New York Times, while the deadline for Trump to pay a nearly half-a-billion-dollar bond was Monday, an appeals court allowed him to pay only a portion of it, giving him 10 days to come up with the $175 million while Trump appeals the judgment of the original case in a civil fraud case,” The Western Journal divulged.

“NBC News likewise noted that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump involving a payment for a non-disclosure agreement with porn star Stormy Daniels, which was set to start on Monday, has also been postponed. It is now set for late April,” the article continued.

Tristan Nell, a former assistant attorney general for New York, appeared as a guest on the MSNBC panel. Nell was visibly angry about the decision to lower the amount of the judgment against the former president, telling the others, “honestly this is so infuriating that I don’t even know what to do.”

“In fact, besides being a former apparatchik in the Empire State attorney general’s office who was part of New York’s part of the civil lawsuit against Trump University settled in 2018 (and has apparently been a fave of liberals for it ever since), he’s also the author of the book ‘Taking Down Trump.’ (Careful viewers will note he has it prominently displayed on the bookcase behind him.),” the report added.

Snell then made a statement that clearly reveals the kind of thinking from the left that is behind these cases brought against Trump, going on to say, “I don’t even know if I care what the process is that these judges are arriving at. Whatever it is, it’s flawed.”

All that matters is making Trump pay for getting in their way and attempting to stay in the way.

He added that the judges in the case “have decided that he gets his own private court of justice.”

“After claiming that Trump has received his own “private” legal system, in addition to ‘private planes,’ ‘private clubs,’ and his own ‘private militia’ (referring to the leftist narrative regarding the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021), Snell ended his diatribe by saying, ‘This is an absolute travesty. It would not happen for anybody else,'” the article said.

Since when has another presidential candidate or former occupant of the White House ever been ordered to pay a staggering half a billion dollars for an alleged crime that no one complained about or even cared about in the slightest? How many other candidates have been hit with four indictments during an election year?

President Joe Biden has a mountain of evidence stacked against him concerning a potential influence peddling scheme he was involved with and he has yet to face any consequences. How about the accusations against him of sexual assault? Or the fact he isn’t cognitively fit for duty? Or the lying to a federal agent about his work history? The list goes on and on.

Liberals get away with murder — metaphorically speaking — while conservatives get hung out to dry on bogus charges.

After all, it’s not like Trump is getting away scot-free. He’s still paying a lot of money. But, because they didn’t get to witness the utter destruction of Trump and his businesses, it’s not enough. It will never be enough for the left.

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  1. Well EMG does it sound to you that the those leftest journalists and their guest left their opinion and bias out of the reporting?? No… they never do it’s only OK for the liberals to speak ill of others isn’t it?


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