New Poll Shatters Dems’ Hope Of Beating Trump With Biden Replacement

(Republican Senate News) – Was the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which concluded that President Joe Biden is suffering from serious memory problems, the final nail in the proverbial coffin for the Democrat Party’s hopes of retaining the presidency in November?

There’s a pretty good chance that is indeed the case, as it seems that even if the Democrats decide to boot Biden from being the party’s presidential nominee, their choice of replacements are not faring much better with voters. In other words, the damage may already be beyond repair. And that’s great news for the future of America.

“While Joe Biden being “Not Trump” and Kamala Harris’ race and gender were enough to sway voters in 2020, now that the two have a track record more abysmal than the corpse of Millard Fillmore, the Democrats have been vainly tossing around the idea for a replacement for one or both of them,” The Western Journal reported. “Recent poll results from Georgia, however, might throw some cold water on those plans.”

“According to a new Emerson College/The Hill survey, voters in Georgia preferred Donald Trump to Biden by a slim margin, with Trump leading 48 percent to Biden’s 42 and 11 percent undecided. However, the numbers are much worse when other candidates are introduced,” it continued.

Trump also smashes Harris, leading her 51 percent to 41 percent, with only 8 percent saying they were undecided. That’s not a surprise. I think most people know Harris is not at all equipped to handle the presidency. Just listen to one of her many word salads and that point will be made rather quickly. If you can’t understand a word coming out of the mouth of someone, the chances they would make a good commander-in-chief are pretty slim.

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom only got 32 percent compared to the former president’s 51 percent, with 17 percent saying they were undecided. So yeah, Trump beats the socks off Newsom in the general election too. While some might object because this data is from one state, keep in mind Georgia is a swing state and has played a critical part in recent elections.

This is definitely not a good sign for Democrats, no matter how you interpret the results. The bottom line here is that America is repudiating progressive policies. We all know they are socialist in nature and that socialism, which has been tried many times in several different countries, does not work. No amount of tweaking will change the truth. Now if we could only get liberals to open their eyes and see reality.

At this point, changing the nominee isn’t going to make a significant difference for Democrats, so they might as well stick with Biden and take their losses like a grown-up.

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  1. Oh Gee…. They’re not going to run Kamala! I have been on the phone with her
    for 40 minutes and came away feeling, “Something is wrong here….” Her “cackle”
    is very off-putting. She should be their best shot, but she would be a disaster.

  2. The Biden picture is falling apart much more cataclysmically than it would if Trump were President as Biden is wildly thought of as “an old ditz ” with no future and poisoned past that is only going get more embarrassing as time grinds by….

  3. Biden was never a good candidate pick during the first Presidential campaign and while it has taken 4 years to see the proof come to fruition, people get it this time. He was and is just afrontman and puppet for the Democrats. He has never made any decisions or literally come up with any stategies by his own initiative. Seriously…how could he? Biden has for a very long time now struggled with his cognitive ability and cannot even complete a speech if not being prompted and coddled by his puppetmasters. Encouraging him while tracking his everybody. It’s obviously time to elect a President that is a real Leader. Even If Trump wasn’t in the race, Someone, anyone else could fill his shoes more effectively.


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