Trump And Hannity Join Forces To Expose Biden’s Border Crisis

(Republican Senate News) – Ever since Joe Biden first took office in January 2021, all he has done is cause one catastrophe after another, especially when it comes to the southern border. Right off the bat, before the echo of the Oath of Office was done reverberating through our nation’s capital, Biden overturned several key executive orders put in place by former President Donald Trump, which stopped the construction of the border wall and canceled the administration’s interior enforcement rule.

In other words, he left the border wide open. And millions of illegal aliens have taken full advantage of that, crossing over into our country where they have slipped through the cracks. Now we have increased criminal activity in border states, welfare systems overburdened, and cities getting so clogged up with illegals that they’re literally creating tent towns on the streets for them to live in. Of course, Biden does nothing whatsoever to stop this madness.

In fact, this is likely all by design. Allowing millions of illegals into the country is an attempt by the left to increase voter rolls by getting folks hooked on freebies — which aren’t actually free since they are being paid for by taxpayers — to create loyal Democrat voters. Meanwhile, the people of this great nation are being forced to support these individuals during a period of economic uncertainty where they are already having to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

As per The Western Journal, “With a national spotlight on the murder of a 22-year-old nursing student, allegedly by an illegal immigrant, Americans throughout the country are aware of the crisis at the southern border. Democrats can no longer ignore the monster they’ve created. Doing so would allow the specter of rampant illegal invasion to devour them in an election year.”

“Fox News‘ Sean Hannity is scheduled to meet with Trump at the southern border on Thursday. The two plan to come together at the focal point of the border crisis: Eagle Pass, Texas. The interview is set to be broadcast on Thursday’s installment of ‘Hannity’ at 9 p.m. ET,” the report said.

One of the main topics of the program will be a discussion on restoring Trump’s border policies right off the bat should he be elected president. And, of course, securing the border. Which is what Biden would have been doing if he were more concerned about fulfilling his actual job duties and not just serving as a puppet for the left.

“Slow Joe Biden is scheduled to head to the Texas southern border on the same day. According to Fox News, Biden will travel to Brownsville, Texas, and meet with U.S. Border Patrol agents, among others. You can see right through Biden’s ploy,” the WJ article noted.

“Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told Fox News on Monday that Biden’s visit is ‘too little, too late.’ According to the New York Post, Judd maintained Biden’s trip to Texas is a stunt designed to improve optics ahead of the upcoming election,” the article continued.

“Everything that he does is too little, too late,” Judd explained. “He had three years to do what he needed to do to secure the border. He had three years to put policies in place. Now we’re only eight months from an election and now it looks like he’s interested, and he’s only interested in it because it’s self-serving and he wants to save himself.”

“But the truth of the matter is,” Judd added, “yes, he could stop this flow tomorrow.”

Judd then declared that the president could easily help slow the flow of illegals into the United States by just reinstating Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. This would force asylum seekers to wait for their immigration court hearings across the border. However, he’s not going to do that because left-wingers would be furious with him over it.

“He doesn’t want to do that — that goes against his base of support,” Judd went on to say. “If you look at the base of support, and even though he’s underwater in the polling, there are still 30 percent of the public that thinks that he’s doing the right thing on border security.”

“That is his base. Those people vote, and he doesn’t want to go against them. So he wants to throw his hands in the air and blame Congress rather than implementing the proper policy, which he has the authority to do right now,” he continued.

New data from a Fox News voter analysis has revealed that the number one issue of concern for Americans is, without a doubt, the border crisis. Crime rates are spiking and the economy is being overburdened. People are growing more worried about this issue and wondering why the president isn’t listening to them.

“Polls show that nearly 65 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border, according to Fox. Trump will likely tout his border successes and promise a tougher stance on securing the border as a top priority if re-elected,” the report stated.

If Trump wins a second term, there’s going to be some immediate changes that will improve the situation at the border.

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  1. The dementia patient is so brain dead that he thinks this photo op will fool the American people. We need President Trump back in The Oval Office. Biden is unfit to hold any office.

  2. What less to expect when globalist puppet, god worshiping, illegal criminal invader demonrat voters invade your country . . . . .


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