VIRAL MOVEMENT: Kamala Harris Cluelessly Claps To Puerto Rican Song, Shocked By Translated Lyrics

(Republican Senate News) – One of the most obvious truths in modern politics is, without a doubt, the fact that our vice president, Kamala Harris, isn’t likely the sharpest tool in the shed. And by that I mean she’s not very intelligent. You know, for those that didn’t catch the reference. She’s made this abundantly clear over the last three years and is determined to ensure we don’t forget it with what happened recently in Puerto Rico.

As per Joe Saunders of The Western Journal, Harris once again brought embarrassment to her office as she stooped and clapped for a band serenading her in San Juan, completely oblivious to the fact the band was actually mocking her in the lyrics of the song. This sort of ridiculousness has come to define Harris’ whole political career.

“According to The Associated Press, Harris was visiting the U.S. territory for a Democratic fundraiser — and bringing attention to the federal aid Puerto Rico has received in the seven years since Hurricane Maria devastated the island. During a stop at La Goyco community center, she was greeted by a small crowd of protesters criticizing the Biden administration’s increasingly reluctant support for Israel in its war against the terrorist group Hamas, according to Fox News,” the article noted.

One individual held up a sign that said, “Kamala Harris is a war criminal,” while another made a claim that both the United States and the nation of Israel are “genocidal.” That’s a typical radical left-wing talking point progressives spew out but have zero evidence to back up.

In summary, the San Juan area of Puerto Rico doesn’t support Harris, but nobody bothered to tell her this need-to-know information. As the band started, Harris played right along with the song, clapping and nodding her head to the beat of the tune.

“Harris’ clapping stopped when a woman accompanying her, identified as Mariana Reyes, executive director La Goyco, according to Fox sourcing the AP, apparently explained what the song was actually saying. It’s not exactly complimentary to Harris,” Saunders wrote.

“According to translations posted to X, it complained about the federal government overseeing Puerto Rican finances, which might be considered a local affair, but also included an obligatory leftist demand for a ‘free Palestine’ and, for good measure, ‘and also Haiti,'” he continued.

Basically, the band delivered insult after insult right to the face of the vice president and she was clapping and bopping around like a total fool. However, as soon as she found out what was happening, her face suddenly turned very serious.

It seems that Harris was fully expecting to receive a warm welcome in Puerto Rico, which shows just how out of touch she is with reality. Are her staff members hiding approval ratings from her? Surely she should know by this point that she’s not a well liked individual. Harris seems to believe her own hype.

“Clearly, the Biden administration isn’t as popular as it thinks it is. And the leftist element in its base — a group that supports the murderous rapists of Hamas over a democratic ally like Israel — is a bigger problem that it understands,” Saunders pointed out.

“Considering the state of President Joe Biden in his polling matchups with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, both of those factors could be crucial come November,” he penned in conclusion.

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