WATCH NOW: Biden Faces Savage Roast By ‘SNL’ Comedian

(Republican Senate News) – President Joe Biden, being older than dirt, became the butt of jokes on Saturday evening at the annual White House correspondents dinner as ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Colin Jost, known for hosting the ‘Weekend Update’ segment on the program, threw out some pretty devastating roasts in the commander-in-chief’s direction. And who could possibly be more deserving of a few ruthless zingers than him?

“I hope tonight will be a night to remember … for most of us,” he said, according to USA Today, tossing out a joke about Biden’s well documented memory problems. Jost did another age related joke after a screen showed a photo of him when he was a reporter back in high school.

“You can’t do [that] for President Biden because the technology wasn’t invented when he was in high school. It’s not really fair,” Jost went on to say.

“Jost even invoked the name of his “SNL” partner — African-American comedian Michael Che — as a comedic prop to mock Biden’s dismal poll numbers among the traditional Democratic voting bloc (as well as mock the television journalists in the audience),” The Western Journal noted in its report.

“Like many of you here tonight, I pretend to do news on TV. My ‘Weekend Update’ co-anchor Michael Che was going to join me here tonight but in solidarity with President Biden, I decided to lose all my black support,” he added, his eyes scouring about the audience to gauge reaction, as you can see in a post on X.

There was also a joke concerning cocaine found in the White House last summer. Which, while not proven, many believe to have belonged to the president’s troubled son, Hunter Biden, who has a well documented history of abusing it.

“I love Washington. Last time I was here I left my cocaine at the White House. Luckily President Biden was able to make good use of it at his State of the Union,” Jost zinged.

And he wasn’t only taking shots at the president during his time on stage either.

“Senator Bernie Sanders is here because he’s not the type to pass up a free, hot meal,” Jost stated. He also took an opportunity to roast independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“By the way, President Biden, isn’t it crazy that he’s only our second Catholic president and what’s even crazier is that in just a few short months, we’ll have our third in RFK Jr,” Jost remarked. “I am kidding, like his vaccine card says, he doesn’t have a shot.”

While those inside the event were having a good time, outside, there was a mass gathering of protesters who made the ridiculous claim that news outlets weren’t providing enough coverage of the war raging on in Gaza between Hamas and Israel. These people are just looking for anything and everything to turn into some kind of cause to validate their existence. It’s quite pathetic.

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