MLB Star Surges Ahead Of Adam Schiff In CA Senate Race

(Republican Senate News) – Former Major League Baseball star, and current Republican Senatorial candidate in California, Steve Garvey, has officially overtaken Democratic Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff in recent polling.  He could very well be on his way to becoming the GOP candidate in the general election. This is excellent news! If Garvey’s popularity continues to grow and he truly faces off against Schiff, he has a very good chance of taking the Senate seat. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing Schiff lose, especially after everything he did to former President Donald Trump.

“A new poll from the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, gives Garvey 27 percent support against 25 percent for Schiff, according to The Hill. That’s within the 2 percentage point margin of error of the poll. The poll was conducted Feb. 22-27 among 6,536 registered voters,” The Western Journal said.

“California’s primary system is nonpartisan, which means the top two vote-getters in the Tuesday contest then become the general election candidates to fill the seat of the late Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The poll found Democratic Rep. Katie Porter was third at 19 percent support while Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee was at 8 percent,” the report noted.

The contest, which is to be held on Tuesday, includes a race to determine who will serve out the last two months of Feinstein’s term. Garvey is currently in the lead at 29 percent, with Schiff at 23 percent. Porter brings up the rear with 20 percent.

“Garvey is the chief beneficiary in a low turnout election scenario, as he holds a huge advantage over the field among fellow Republicans and both he and Schiff are the two most preferred candidates among older voters, whites, and homeowners,” the poll release explained.

Garvey, who had a two decade career in Major League Baseball playing for both the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, has a sizable fan base in California. The Times report stated that Schiff has shined a spotlight on Garvey by attacking him in his political ads, noting that this could actually be part of an overall strategy to ensure that the MLB legend does indeed become the candidate going into the general election. Why? Because GOP candidates tend to lose general elections in the state of California.

Last year, Garvey took an opportunity to share with Fox News why he decided to get into the race, which was largely motivated by education and safety.

“These steal-and-smash mobs that are going around are something that started in the last year or two. Not only is it about thievery, it’s about danger to people,” he asserted, going on to add that police need more support.

“Parents [are] feeling that they’re not able to provide safety and a pathway for their children to be educated adults so that they can go out in the world and be productive,” he explained in the interview. “I think we need to get back to education that gets to core issues — core issues of preparing our children and getting away from social issues that have the tendency to confuse our children.”

“I always say I never played for Democrats or Republicans or independents or libertarians. I played for all the fans, and I’m playing right now,” the MLB star remarked.

“I’m running for all the people, and my opponents can’t say that. They’re only running for half the people. They show it every day. They go to Congress [and] they’re there to forward their career. I’ll be a one-term, six-year senator who will step up to the plate every day and go to bat for the people of California who know there’s a better life and need somebody to be their voice. They’ll be the wind beneath my wings, too,” Garvey concluded.

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  1. I found it very odd that votes were SUBTRACTED from Garvy’s primary count, he was way ahead of Schiff primary count, then suddenly numbers dropped drastically and Schiff surged ahead. How’d that happen?


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