Nikki Haley Makes Announcement After Crushing Loss To Trump In Her Home State

(Republican Senate News) – Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who is the last person left in the GOP primary race challenging former President Donald Trump, just got a massive beat down in her own home state. This is usually a good indication that you probably are not going to win the nomination, especially after taking losses in both Iowa and New Hampshire. And yet, for some strange reason, she’s made it clear she will not be dropping out of the race. It does not appear there is any sort of path forward to victory, at least one that wouldn’t be classified as miraculous, so why is she staying in the race?

The New York Times noted in a report that with 95 percent of the vote tallied up, Trump took home the victory in South Carolina handily, drawing in 59.8 percent of the vote to Haley’s 39.5 percent. Ouch. That’s a pretty big, decisive win. And that is how it’s been from day one for the former president. The polling data early on in the cycle had him with a 30 point lead over all the competition. People thought the polls might be wrong, but it seems they were spot on.

“Haley had said prior to the vote that she would remain in the primary at least through the March 5 Super Tuesday primaries. In her announcement on Saturday, she said she wasn’t ready to quit,” The Western Journal disclosed.

“America will come apart if we make the wrong choices. This has never been about me or my political future,” Haley insisted, according to an article from USA Today. “I am a woman of my word. I’m not giving up this fight,” the former governor continued.

Haley then made the claim that voters deserve and demand to have options besides Trump and Joe Biden.

“I’m not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” Haley proclaimed.

I mean, if that were true, wouldn’t she be the one who took home almost 60 percent of her own state’s vote? These are people who experienced her leadership for years while she served as governor.

“South Carolina has spoken. We’re the fourth state to do so. In the next 10 days, another 21 states and territories will speak. They have the right to a real choice, not a Soviet-style election with only one candidate. And I have a duty to give them that choice,” she commented.

Trump has now taken victories in four states, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Haley has won, well, none. Again, I’m not sure exactly how she thinks she can win at this point, but if there’s a big blow out win for Trump on Super Tuesday, she should definitely exit the race. It will be impossible for her to win. It’s checkmate at that point.

“Trump was preferred over Haley by a 70 percent to 28 percent margin as the better choice to handle the economy and by a 73 percent to 25 percent margin as the better choice on border security. The exit poll found 83 percent of those participating said Trump was likely to win a general election over Biden, with 55 percent who said that of Haley,” the WJ reported.

“I’m an accountant. I know 40 percent is not 50 percent,” Haley asserted after her loss on Saturday.

“But I also know 40 percent is not some tiny group. There are huge numbers of voters in our Republican primaries who are saying they want an alternative,” she remarked.

“I don’t care about a political future. If I did I would have been out by now,” Haley went on to say on Thursday, an article by The Washington Post divulged. “Dropping out would be the easy route. I’ve never taken the easy route. I’ve been the underdog in every race I’ve ever run.”

“I’ve always been David taking on Goliath. And like David, I’m not just fighting someone bigger than me. I’m fighting for something bigger than myself,” the former U.N. ambassador declared.

“The longer you stay in the race and come up short, the likelier you are to alienate people you might want to court down the road, the more potential damage you do to the party’s eventual nominee, and the more resources you divert from the party’s effort to win back the Senate and expand the House majority,” Rob Godfrey, a South Carolina based consultant stated of Haley’s choice to remain in the race.

I don’t look for Haley’s future in politics to be all that bright and shining after this is said and done, do you?

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  1. we have one dummy who will become president if the old guy croaks and here is another one who wants to be president even before going to the white house and both have indian heritage and dont know their limitations and when to quit. dont tell me that i am prejudiced because i have indian heritage too and i am ashamed of both these idiots who are claiming to have indian heritage..

    • Harris never claimed her Indian heritage, instead went down the black road figuring it would accelerate her career. It may have helped her temporarily, but people notice her for being the same dunce she was when she dropped out of the race because noone liked her back then.
      Biden could have and should have found someone more competent. Alot of folks who aren’t sure of him are looking at her and know she’s just as bad (if not WORSE) than he is.
      As a woman, I’d love nothing more than to see a woman as our president. hilLIARy, Kamalalala and Tricky Haley aren’t it…

  2. nikki haley is a RINO WHO WE CANT TRUST!!! nikki haley is a democrook in sheeps clothing …DONT TRUST NIKKI HALEY…she flip flops to who ever will listen to her BULLSH** LIES…. she is already in the democrooks pockets…plus communist china is in her pockets also…she ISNOT for the American people or America…nikki haley is A RINO WHO WE DONT TRUST…TRUMP will clean up the massive cesspool of corruption…that is why these sick evil predators are trying to stop TRUMP from getting back into the whitehouse…we must make sure we vote TRUMP 2024..we must make sure these sick corrupt demorooks never rigg another election like they have been doing for years…we must go after these sick evil democrook predators…vote republician..these demopcrooks dont give a flying poop abput the American people or America…just look at these democrook run states that proves they are out for their greedy selfs and not for the American people or America…we must vote republicians and go after these corrupt democrooks and rino’s to clean out the massive cesspool of corruption to save the unitedstates…every illegal will be sent back to where they have come from..they arte ruining our country…fk more the American legal americans before any other country…TRUMP will make sure the legal American people are taken care of..not like this sick predator crooked biden…VOTE TRUMP 2024…FJB…

  3. This is EXACTLY all about herself, who’s she trying to fool? In a recent interview, she stated she’ll remain even after a loss on Super Tuesday (she didn’t say “loss”, but if she’s imagining anything else she’s delusional).
    Staying in the game cost her any future she may have had. She’s been branded a Rino, a sellout, a dem sponsored candidate, etc.
    We all know she’s not the one – she’s the only person imagining herself coming out on top…

  4. I do not understand why noone seems to understand why Haley stays in the race.

    1) To point out that not all Republicans are MAGA Republicans.
    2) To get her name recognition for a 2028 run
    3) In case something happens (like jail) to Trump, she is available.

  5. Nikki Halley is being supported by Democrats – she is NOT even a viable candidate, let alone someone anyone would want to lead our Country. She is hoping this “Regime” will break Trump so she will be the only one to slide in as the Republican choice. BEWARE she is the a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. No one has EVER been as politically persecuted as Pres. Trump and people need to consider “why”. I can think of no-one that could have sustained such a barrage of lies and unfounded attacks as he has. Just goes to show how absolutely frightened the adversary is – and the lies that have grown from desperation.


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